What is UNIQ-Coat

In Fluid bed process, atomizing air breaks coating polymer into droplets, which hit the substrate particle and spread on the surface of active ingredient and forms uniform coating.

1. Spraying

Oil is sprayed onto probiotic bacteria

2. Melting

Oil particles spread over probiotic bacteria


The oil particles fuse even more and cover the entire probiotic bacterium

4. Fusion

Probiotic bacteria are evenly coated with oil

5. Activation

Exit from anabiosis in 15-20 minutes

  • Reduce Overages of nutrients, reducing losses and cost savings.
  • Protection from moisture, acidic pH, ingredient interactions, heat, and exposure to oxygen.
  • Release Parameters can be altered as desired, for instance at a specified temperature or in the stomach for digestion.
  • Flavor and Odor Masking.
  • Ease of Handling.
  • Effectiveness in products like medical foods, nutraceuticals, and meal-replacement products where characteristics such as stability, bioavailability, delivery, and effectiveness are closely regulated.

Coating greatly facilitates the introduction: A wide range of functional, lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients in powder or liquid form can be encapsulated. Our innovative approaches have already proved their effectiveness to address the issues of the Nutraceutical, food and feed industry; they will surely meet all of your requirements too.

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