Nutrition and nourishment is the proper supply of materials –food- required by organism and cells to stay alive. Nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods.

As the human nutrition world is continuously evolving, our capabilities and requirement grows which challenges us to provide scientifically proven health benefits and good taste in variety of applications from baby formulas to old age and for complete life journey for better performance. With focused nutritional demand and simultaneously to overcome lot of nutritional challenges PHS offers the below technology and advance opportunities for our customers.


UniQ-Coat based on modified fluid bed process, which atomizing air breaks encapsulating material in very fine droplets and spread onto the surface of ingredients to form uniform coating. The process works at very fine particle size of 200 micron to coarser particle size upto 2000 micron.


UniQ-Lip enables increased local concentration of active at intestinal membranes which results in improved absorption by diffusion and other transport mechanism.


UniQ-SD forms uniform particles which encapsulate active components in water soluble polymer matrix. The spray drying based technology improves the solubility, stability of actives and absorption in body.


Vita-Q technology produces uniform beads of fat soluble actives (mainly vitamins A,D,K, E etc.) The beads are water soluble and highly stable in the stress conditions like oxidation, heat, moisture & light.


Senso-Q technology offers unique, effective and very low temperature microencapsulation process, which prevent losses during process and improve the shelf life. This technology enables protection of aroma in powder form and releases when added in liquid medium.

What is UNIQ

UniQ technology is the science of modifying particles into desired shape, typical size and best composition.

This technology used to improve the performance of ingredients which have problems like poor solubility, negative ingredient interactions or bad taste profiles. Food and beverage scientists are able to overcome challenges through UNIQ technology and deliver a higher quality, uniform product. Technology used for non iron minerals, vitamins, amino acid, Food acids and alkalizers, preservatives etc.

PHS commercialization team is made up of product development experts and scientist. Together they develop high end specialized powder products that exceed expectations for solubility, taste, and sensory characteristics, sustain and extended release. With the experience, our team can quickly identified the problem and provide a number of particle solution process technologies to deliver powerful and enhance the performance as customer need.

Technology used for functionality like

PHS food ingredient encapsulation technology is coating system achieved by surrounding an ingredient with a polymers or fat substrate in order to prevent or delay interactions until a certain time or set of conditions are met. It can achieve through coating at multi submicron layers. Our ingredients and customized solutions offer better functionality such as; shelf-life improvement, ingredient stabilization, high heat stability, controlled release or reaction, flavor masking, flavor extension, heat or ph stabilization. Etc. Technology can use for your specific product like baking, confectionary, meat, or another application.

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