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PHS Life sciences Pvt ltd is a technology driven innovative solution provider firm for various industry need mainly deal in B2B markets and customized solutions. Our innovative & patented multi-layer microencapsulation technologies are designed for use in Pharma, Nutra & Food, Animal Nutrition and Aroma industry.

Our team is always engaged in innovation and development of novel encapsulation technologies for various unmet needs of the various markets.

Our focus is to deliver best solutions to our customers to achieve high quality products in global applications.

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Microencapsulation technologies for ingredients to be used in various industry applications like Pharma, Nutra & Food, Animal Nutrition and Aroma.

  • Cost-Effective & Consistent SURVIVAL through defined stress conditions.
  • Consistent RELEASE of the active to perform its desired function.
  • Encapsulation of sensitive active ingredients to control degradation from reaction with other ingredients, moisture, temperature or oxidation.
  • Improve organoleptic properties with respect to taste Masking and odor masking.
  • Shelf life improvement.
  • Improvement of Quality and Texture.
  • Controlling the release of active substances.
  • Food fortification.
  • Phytochemicals delivery as desired.
  • Flavour & Fragrances encapsulation for increased performance and shelf life.


Innovations in microencapsulation technologies and ingredients formulation to create value to our customers to improve their product performance.

B2B Services

PHS offers B2B services, custom development, and manufacturing of specialty and standard encapsulated actives as raw materials for Pharma, Nutra, Food, Animal Nutrition and aroma.


PHS is specialized in customized microencapsulation solutions for various industry needs.

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